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Venue coordinator vs. a wedding planner.

So, you are engaged! Congratulations!!!! Now you are thinking about hiring a wedding planner but wait, your venue is going to provide a coordinator for you! You think, “perfect! That will save me on my budget!”

While this maybe true it will not save you in other areas! Did you know that the venue coordinators main responsibilities are for the venue...not for you. So, they may line you up for a processional and get you down the aisle but then where do they go? They could run over to the kitchen to make sure food is cooking, or maybe they are restocking the bar, or maybe they are going to set up another room for another event that is happening after yours. So, if the flower girl starts screaming halfway threw the ceremony, who is there to help escort her out of the ceremony? Or if your pregnant bridesmaid forgets that she isn’t supposed to lock her knees during the ceremony and she suddenly faints, who is there with smelling salts?!

You maybe thinking these things will never happen to you, but these are just a couple of things I have actually seen during a ceremony, and don’t get me started with stories from a reception! So, while a venue coordinator may run back to their office to answer some emails, a true wedding planner will be there for you - watching, anticipating, fixing, cueing, and problem solving!

So, when you look back at your photos don’t be surprised if you can play “Where’s Waldo” in many of the candid shots to find your wedding planner! We are there to watch everything and make sure to handle issues that may arise. You owe it to yourself to hire a professional to be there for you!

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