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Wedding Planning - Which Vendors do I book first?

Did you recently get engaged? Are you confused by where to start? Here are the first 3 wedding vendors you should book first!

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Charlotte North Carolina Wedding Planners

First, hire your wedding planning team. Why is it important to hire your wedding planner first, even before the venue is booked? Because they will help you take the first steps in planning - creating your guest count, creating a realistic budget, and taking your wedding theme and style into consideration to choose the perfect venue. Why do you need a guest count before a venue? So you know how many guests will fit in the ceremony, cocktail, and reception spaces. Why do you need to have a realist budget before you book your venue? Because you need to know how much you are able to spend on the venue and still have enough to cover all of your other wants and needs. And finally, why should you have a theme or overall style before booking a wedding venue? Because there are so many different style of venues to select from, its so much better to narrow down your search so you are looking at the right style of venues. City views, mountain views, beach views, barn, lodge, ballroom, tent, country club, hotel, stone, industrial, tuscan, rustic...the list is long and keeps going. A professional wedding planner will help you narrow down the search to fit your style, budget, and guest count!!

Next up, the venue! Now that you have booked your wedding planner, you know your budget, guest count and style. Now you can start touring those venues. Some venues offer food and beverage included, others will allow you to bring in. Your wedding planner will help you decide which is best for you. If the venue doesn't have in-house catering, then next up is a catering company! Get that venue and caterer booked and checked off your to-do list.

Third, you need to book your photographer. Is your style light and airy, or moody? Your wedding planner will ask for photos and examples that you are drawn to. Then, we will interview some great photographers that will fit within your budget and style!

Still need to know the remaining vendors to book? Contact us today to hire us!

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