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How to Craft a Realistic Wedding Budget in Charlotte, NC for 2024 or 2025

Updated: Feb 23

Are you planning a wedding in 2024 and need to know how much to realistically budget? We are a Charlotte, North Carolina Wedding Planning Firm and here is a breakdown of a realistic budget.

Here is a breakdown of how much you should plan for to have an average wedding in a major city in the southeast.

Take your guest count and multiply it by the number below to get an average cost per category:

$300 - $500 per person - considered a budget wedding (below this number is considered to be DIY)

$500-$1,000 per person - considered to be a Premium Wedding. (this is where most of our clients land)

$1500 + per person - Considered to be Entry Level Luxury

$2500 + per person - Considered to be Luxury (most of those Pinterest and Featured Magazine weddings fall in this category)

I know these numbers are not what some wedding planning websites are saying. However, they are considering all regions, all budgets, and all weddings including elopements and civil ceremonies. Remember, these numbers reflect big city weddings, popular location for destination wedding locations, and will give you a realistic number to keep in mind.

So, first things first. Decide where you need to land and create a guest list based on this. Remember, you don't have to invite your parent's golfing friends, your 3rd cousin twice removed, or that old high school friend. Weddings are an investment, so treat it as such. Choose your guest count wisely, choose the most important aspects and spend your money there, and remember to choose professional vendors that you trust.

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Wedding Planning - creating a wedding budget

Need help creating your wedding budget? Contact us today to start planning your wedding!


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