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What's the difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner?

When you first start wedding planning you hear the terms wedding consultant, wedding coordinator, venue coordinator, wedding planner, and wedding designer all thrown around. So, what's the difference? Many people think they are interchangeable and mean the same things. They are not the same. Here is the breakdown of each:

Wedding Coordinator - This is someone who doesn't plan your wedding. You plan your wedding and you hire the coordinator to come in at the end of your engagement to take over coordination of wedding vendors and some details. They will usually begin working with you 30-60 days prior to your wedding, have a venue walk through, create a timeline for the wedding, and manage your vendors. They should also direct the rehearsal and the wedding day.

Venue Coordinator - This is a person that works at a venue. They may include some sort of timeline creation and vendor management but they are there to primarily take care of the venue - not your wedding day details. So, they will regulate the A/C temp, restock toilet paper, make sure the venue is not being mistreated, etc. We LOVE venue coordinators, but remember, they are not the same as a Month of Coordinator.

Wedding Consultant - A consultant will consult you through the planning process. They still do not plan your wedding. You will hire a consultant to ask questions about etiquette, to-do's, order of planning, vendor referrals, and other wedding planning. They will share their knowledge and expertise with you and serve as a consultant.

Wedding Planner - A wedding planner will work with you from the beginning of planning. You should hire them before you hire any other vendors. They will help you find your venue, all vendors, and accompany you to the meetings and consultations and some planners will help you with the wedding design as well.

Wedding Designer - A wedding designer is someone who helps you create the overall design for your wedding. They will put together a mood board that includes inspiration for floral design, rental needs, wedding attire, stationery, and any specialty items that make your wedding day stand out. Some planners will act as a Planner and Designer.

So, which do you need for your wedding? It is important that you know the difference in all of these titles so you are able to hire the perfect fit for your wedding needs.


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