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Remember to eat on your wedding day!

So, you have been planning your wedding day for a year, you plan the hors d’oeuvres, the three course meal, the late night snacks and the wedding cake! You even included an editable favor! But what did you forget? Eating!

So many brides and grooms think about the food for the wedding, but only remember the wine, beer and champagne for the day time! You need to remember to eat during the day to keep your energy up. Plan for several snacks. Make sure to have a few platters with a variety of food around while you are getting ready. We can help you coordinate these details! You probably think you will eat a lot at your actual wedding, but the truth is, you probably won’t!

If you hire us, we also make sure you have a to-go box from your wedding food and even make sure to include some cake! We sneak this into your limo or get away vehicle so you can enjoy a midnight snack back at your hotel room! It is the small details like this that set us apart from other planners! We make sure you are happy, from start to finish! So, give us a call so we can start planning!

Happy Planning!

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