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How do you plan a wedding under quarantine?

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

How do you plan a wedding if you are under quarantine?

This is such a crazy time we are living in right now.  So many weddings and events are being cancelled and postponed.  You may be planning a fall wedding or a 2021 wedding and wondering how to continue planning when you can't leave your home?  Well, we thought we would offer you some tips so you don't lose momentum.   Are you searching for a venue and don't know how to select if you can't visit the site?  Contact the venues and ask for a virtual tour.  Have the sales manager walk you though a tour via zoom or facetime.  This will allow you to get a good feel for the space and see what amenities are offered without leaving your home!  Are you looking for a cake baker and can't get in to have a cake tasting?  Or maybe you wanted to have a tasting with a caterer to narrow down your choices.  Contact the bakery or caterer and ask for a tasting box to go.  The vendor can provide you with a box of choices that are labeled and you can enjoy them at home.   Maybe you are trying to decide on a florist and can't figure out how to get a meeting in their studio to see their work.  Schedule a virtual meeting and ask the florist to make a sample centerpiece or bouquet so you can see their work.  Or, ask them to send you photos from their previous work.   Is it time to narrow down a DJ and you don't know what you are looking for in a DJ?  Again, schedule a virtual meeting to interview the actual DJ that will be at your wedding.  A lot of big companies have a huge list of DJ's that you can choose from.  The best thing to do is contact these companies and explain what you want your wedding to be like: elegant and formal, dance party, or country farm that is very laid back.  Talk to the sales person and explain your wedding vision, they will match you to a DJ that will fit your vision.  Then, make sure to schedule that virtual meeting with the DJ to make sure your personalities match!  No matter which vendor you are trying to book, they will be flexible with you because we are all trying to navigate these crazy times!  If you are still feeling unsure, make sure to hire a planner!  This is the time to do it.  Planners will walk you through all of these obstacles and offer so much needed advice and support through the planning process!   Xoxo, Scout and Grace Events

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