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How do I pick out my Ceremony music?

This is a question I get asked ALL the time. Brides don't know where to begin when they are picking out their music for the ceremony. Do you pick something classic? Do you pick something traditional? Do you pick something your parents want?

The answer is easy...pick the songs that mean something to you! When I got married I remember I wanted to use songs that were special to me. So, my bridesmaids walked down the aisle to a instrumental song that was from my favorite movie, Sense and Sensibility. I walked down the aisle to a very special song that my uncle had written called New Beginnings. This was a beautiful piece that was played on the piano and was perfect for the occasion. Then, that same uncle sang a duet with my aunt that they had sang to each other at their wedding. My uncle had also written that song. So, when I look back at my wedding video nearly 15 years later, I still get all the emotions! Why? Because all of the music meant something to me!

So, if you want to make it special and memorable, pick songs that make you FEEL good! Look how gorgeous this bride is walking down the aisle with her father! She picked out music that was special and was making her happy!

Happy Planning!

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