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Charlotte Day of Coordinator - That is all I need...

I hear this comment a lot and often people say our pricing is too expensive for only 1 day! Well, let me speak to this...

You have spent 12-18 months planning the perfect wedding. Selecting each detail with precision and passion to make your wedding day epic. Now, you are thinking "I don't need a 30 day, 60 day, or 90 day coordinator - only day of". So, you begin searching for a day of coordinator and quickly find that most planners offer a month of option or more. Still, you think, "I don't need that - my friend said I can get by with just day of". So, you tell those planners in your inquiry "I only need a day of coordinator." And you wait for a response.

What happens next? The planner will respond that this is their closest offering to a Day of Coordinator because in reality "day of" just doesn't exist. (Even though we see start up companies trying to offer this as a true package) Imagine now that you hire someone to only come in on your wedding day. This would mean no previous planning meetings, no knowledge of your vendors, no timeline, no floor plans, no ceremony processional details. Now, can you imagine successful that day would run? That day of coordinator would not be any help at all. They would have no direction, would have no answers for vendors or guests, and would eventually have to come to you to ask questions.

Now, imagine hiring a professional coordinator that offers a Wedding Management package that starts 60 days prior. You meet with the planner to discuss the timeline, vendors, and floor plan - all which the planner then creates and provides to you and all the vendors before the wedding day. The planner then schedules a final walk through at the venue so that you are able to meet together there and review all the final details together. Fast forward to the rehearsal, your planner arrives to direct the rehearsal so everyone knows what to do. Also, you are able to offload all of your boxes of wedding day items to that planner at the rehearsal so you don't have to worry about it the next day. On the wedding day the planner shows up with an assistant to lead, direct, and manage all the vendors, timeline, guests, and details of the day.

Which wedding day sounds more successful? Which wedding day sounds more relaxing for you? So, now do you understand all the work and hours that go into a successful coordination? It takes a lot of hours and meetings to understand your wedding day vision, create a successful timeline and floor plan, and to get to know you!

Now, let me speak to you about the people that offer these "day of" packages. Usually, they are new to the industry, don't fully understand what goes into wedding coordination and event management. I have even heard from trusted vendor friends that they don't event provide a timeline, floor plan or any logistics. So, if you are ready to book a professional wedding day coordinator - find someone who offers at least a 30 day, month of coordination package.

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