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The Best Time for an Asheville, NC Wedding: Choosing the Perfect Month

So, you love Asheville, North Carolina and you are considering a destination wedding there, this is great news! Now, how do you select the right time of year?

First of all, consider the 2 different Wedding Seasons in Asheville. We have a Spring wedding season that runs from late March to late June and a Fall wedding season that runs from September to November. Are you more of a Spring bride or a Fall bride? What colors are you wanting to use? What type of flowers do you want to use? These are all factors you should consider when selecting a date. Also, keep in mind that Fall is very popular in Asheville because people from all over the world travel here to see the beautiful leaves change to fall colors!

Next, think about hosting your wedding during the off season January - early March or July and August. Some venues and vendors will offer a small discount to book during the off season and it may help your budget! It will also be an easier time for guests to find home rentals and accommodations.

Your wedding planner should be your first vendor you book when planning a destination wedding in Asheville. They will know the best venue and vendors for you and your wedding. Next, book the venue. Decide a style of venue you are looking for and ask which dates they still have available - this will also help narrow down your wedding date options.

Now, are you ready to plan your destination wedding in Asheville? Then we would love to talk with you! Contact us today to schedule a consultation call!

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