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Yay! You are what?

So, you just got engaged! Congratulations! This is the most wonderful time of the year. Not only are the holidays among us but it is also engagement season! So, brides always start dreaming and pinning as soon as it happens. But I am here to tell you what you should be doing and what you should hold off on. So, here it goes!

So, you are scrolling through pinterest and pinning all kinds of perfect wedding dresses. You are super excited to go and buy your gown! Wait a minute. I have seen so many over zealous brides go gown shopping the day after they get engaged. They pic the first dress that very day! After all, it does take up to 6 months to get your dress in, then you have to have 3 months for alterations, right? Yes, this is all true. But PLEASE, if you hear me tell you anything, PLEASE don't be impulsive on this! Take your time. Search through magazines, scroll through pinterest, try lots and lots of dresses on before you decide to just buy one! Sleep on it! Go to another boutique. I have seen so many brides end up with 2 or even 3 dresses because they were too quick to purchase. This should be a fun experience, so take your time and savor the moments!

So, what should you do first? Well, two things are vital to start the planning. First, you need to get a guest count. So, talk with your fiance and both sets of parents to come up with the guest list. Yes, this is not a fun part of the planning, but it is super important for you to start here. You need to know how many people you will be inviting so that you can plan a budget and also select a venue that is the appropriate size. So, sit down with your family and make this decision asap!

Next step, another thing that isn't the most fun part of planning, but again, the sooner you do this the sooner you can start the fun! Budget. Decide who is paying for the wedding. Talk about the amount you plan to spend on the wedding. Then, decide how to divide this amount between the vendors and rental you will be paying for. Talk to a professional about how to do this. We can walk you through it, or you can download a budget maker from the Knot or other wedding app.

Now, that you have both of those things established...drum roll please...the fun can begin! This is one of my favorite parts of the event planning process. Clearly you can either hire an event planner to help make all of the planning easy or you can do it yourself. But once you make this decision the next part is fun too. Start venue shopping. You can start researching the venues in your budget because you know where you will fit. Clearly if you have budgeted $10,000 for the venue, you will not be looking at the Ritz! And vice versa.

During your planning process remember to stop and enjoy this time. It can be very stressful if you allow it to be. Just remember the reason why you are doing this, to marry your best friend!

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