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Where to hold a wedding bouquet?

It's the moment you have been waiting for your whole life! You are standing in the back of a chapel with your father, in front of you are the cutest little flower girl and ring bearer, and your bridesmaids are entering the chapel one by one. The bridesmaids are all in, now the ring bearer goes followed by the flower girl. Your heart is racing, your whispers that he loves you and how beautiful you look. You hear the music change and the chapel doors open. It's your moment to shine!!

You think back to this moment as you are looking at your wedding photos and think where should I have held my bridal bouquet?! Why didn't someone tell me not to hold it in my left hand to my side while I was coming down the aisle? Or why am I holding it like it's a bomb about to explode?! Away from my body? Out in the air? Or Down by my side??

I see wedding photos and videos of gorgeous brides walking down the aisle all the time who are awkwardly holding their bouquet. The photo would be perfect, if only that bouquet were in front of her. I know that they didn't have a wedding planner because of how they hold their bouquet. Now, I know you are thinking that is silly, but I promise it is true!

When you are being lined up for the processional, an experienced wedding planner will remind you and all of your bridesmaids where to hold their bouquets. She will also fluff your train as you begin walking down the aisle! These two things make all the difference in your photos and wedding video!

So, be like this gorgeous bride and hire an experienced planner!! NOT the cheapest planner, not the newest planner, not a friend or an aunt, but an actual planner who knows how to give you advice on these little things. All through the planning process we give wedding advice that helps your day come together practically perfect in every way!

So, go look at some wedding pictures and you will see some of the awkward moments coming down the aisle that I am talking about! Don't be like that! Hire a planner!

Happy Planning!

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