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What is Full Service Wedding Planning?

I get this question all the time, and then people ask why they would need a full service wedding planner. I hear, "why should I hire you if I can do all the planning myself?" Well, the truth is you can plan it all on your own, just like you can buy a house all on your own. But, would you ever buy a home without a realtor? Probably not. You trust the expert when you are buying a home. The same should be said when you are planning a wedding!

Many times I hear perspective clients say that they can plan their wedding on their own and only need my help for the month of planning package, to coordinate the final details and vendors. While this maybe true, why wouldn't you want a wedding expert to walk you through the entire process? We are here to answer questions, lead you to the perfect vendors, answer etiquette questions, and help you with the overall design. You are spending a lot of money on this day and you deserve to have help along the way!

I also hear people say that they want to do the planning themselves, and not have someone else plan their big day. This always makes me laugh because full service wedding planners don't plan your wedding for you! We work with you to create the day you have always wanted!

The job of a full service wedding planner is to walk you through the planning process, step by step, keep you on track with your budget, keep you on track with the to-do list, create a beautiful design board, help you find the perfect vendors and schedule their appointments, help you with etiquette, and to take the stress out of the planning process! A great full service wedding planner will help you find joy in the planning process and keep the engagement fun and exciting!

Happy Planning!!

We will help you gaze into your future with hope, joy, and anticipation - without the stress!!!!

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