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Wedding Planning During the Coronavirus Pandemic - The best is yet to come!

I know this is such a strange time in our world. It feels like it was taken directly from a movie script. Everyday I watch the news waiting to hear that we can start living life again, but instead it feels like we must extend our shelter in place orders longer and longer.

It is hard to have motivation to continue many things; work, homeschooling, wedding planning...But, now is the time we must continue to do these things. We have to wake up everyday and know that this is just temporary. Life will go back to normal soon. We have to get out of bed with a purpose. Do what ever it takes to get yourself motivated. Get up, shower, put some makeup on, put your favorite pair of heels on, make your bed, and get busy!

Wedding planning is one thing that is getting pushed back but guys!!! LISTEN TO ME! You have got to keep up the momentum of planning! Contact those vendors and schedule some virtual meetings! Support the small businesses with a deposit! Boost our economy by the continued planning and booking! Not only is this great for the economy but it will also ensure that you have great vendors for your wedding! Remember that the spring weddings were forced to postpone their dates, that means so many vendors are moving dates for these clients! We are going to see an influx of weddings and events this fall because of this.

There is another reason we need to keep up the momentum of wedding planning; we need something to look forward to! Life is full of hardships and I have always said that we need something to look forward to. Right now we are all needing that light at the end of the tunnel. We need to know that the best is yet to come! So, keep on planning! Whether you are a bride that was forced to postpone her wedding or a bride that is continuing to plan her event during this crazy time, my advice is keep going! We are here to help if you need. We are here to listen to you vent, to bounce ideas off of, to support you! We are here for you to remind you that the best is yet to come! Your wedding is going to be amazing! You will have a wedding! And, again, the best is yet to come!

Happy Planning!!!

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