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Wedding Management - what makes us different from a day of coordinator.

Day of Coordination or Month of Coordination has always been hard for me to offer to my brides. Yes, there are so many couples searching for this package, but does it truly exist?

I have offered the "day of" planning package for as long as I can remember because I thought I had to. But explaining what it is and what I do to a couple always starts off with, "Well, it is actually more than just a "day of" service because I get involved 4-6 weeks before the wedding." I am not the only wedding planner that does this...we all do this. Then, there was a push in our industry to change the name to "month of" because we get involved in the planning about a month before the wedding. Ok, this felt better, but I still had issues with it.

I hate putting a time frame on my brides and grooms. I hate explaining that the "month of" package doesn't include vendor referrals, or etiquette advice, or help on wording for invitations or programs, or a planning timeline that could help my couples stay on task. I hated everything about this. I wanted to offer advice on these things and so much more! After all, my certification says that I am a Certified Wedding Consultant! I should be able to consult my couples on what to do, even if they aren't booking a full planning package.

So, I began brainstorming. What could I do to make it different? How can I offer the consulting help and still offer this package? How could I offer more value to the package by including all the advice I wanted to share? Could I do this? Would couples understand the difference in what I offer versus what other wedding planners or consultants offer?

Then I realized, it doesn't matter. I know the quality of work I want to provide my couples. I know that I want to get to know my brides and grooms during their planning process and not wait until 4 weeks out. I know that building a strong relationship and earning trust will only contribute to the exceptional experience that I want to give my couples. So, I decided it was time to change my packages.

I am happy to announce that we now only offer two packages, either the Wedding Planning and Design Package or Wedding Management. The new name describes what we do, we manage your wedding from the time you book us until you are racing away to your honeymoon suite. You are doing the planning, we are offering advice and consultations to you, when you need us! This makes my heart so happy and I hope you understand why we are changing!

Now I can give advice, I will share my tips and secrets with all of my brides; not just to the full service planning brides. I can offer a maid of honor tips on her speech, I can offer vendor referrals, I can give etiquette advice and I can get to know my brides and grooms more!

Scout and Grace Events offers Wedding Management to better serve our brides! We create exceptional events for exceptional clients!!


Happy Planning!!!

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