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Wedding Flowers! Bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and centerpieces...Oh My!!

One of the most asked questions to wedding planners is how to save on flowers. We know that everyone wants beautiful flowers at their weddings and we think you should definitely have the flowers you have always wanted! But, they can get quite pricey. So, my brides always ask me how to save some money on this budget item.

Here are a few ideas for you. Make sure your bouquet has the flowers you want and the bridesmaids too. Use a simple rose for the guys boutonnieres and also for the mom's corsages. Now, where the floral budget really gets hit is the centerpieces. You will need some arrangements for the alter, and may decide to decorate the chairs or pews with a few arrangements. But, this is one area you can save on. How about use a few bows or hanging mason jars or cute personalized signs on the ground to lead you down the aisle.

Then comes the centerpieces. To save on this you can always use candles for your centerpieces. You can alternate tables and use different items with 1/3 of the tables having a floral centerpiece. Or, you can have a floral centerpiece on only the headtable and candles on the guest tables. There are so many options for centerpieces that aren't only flowers. So, make sure to budget wisely when planning your wedding!

Happy Planning!

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