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Oreo Wedding Cake? Yes please!

Do you know anyone who doesn't love Oreo cookies? I don't! This is why I loved the idea of having a groom's cake made entirely of Oreo cookies! The guests got to snack on cookies all night! What type of ideas are you planning for your groom's cake? It is so important to incorporate your personality and style in your wedding, both the ceremony and reception.

Here are some great photos of the Oreo Groom's Cake! What do you think? I think this would also be a fun addition to an engagement party or bachelorette party!

This cake was made by stacking Oreo Cookies together and using chocolate frosting to hold the cookies together!

This wedding was in Arkansas and the bride and groom chose their alma mater's mascot for the topper! These little bride and groom razorbacks were such cute little additions to this fun grooms cake!

This Oreo wedding cake was a perfect addition to this farmhouse wedding. It was a huge conversation starter and a super cute way to show the bride's and groom's personality! What a fun southern wedding this was and I am so glad I was able to be a part of it!

Happy planning!

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