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Maria + Scott

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Charlotte Wedding
Charlotte, NC Wedding


Maria and Scott had many challenges when planning their wedding. They were planning in 2020 when Covid-19 hit. Originally, we had booked a gorgeous vineyard to be the backdrop of their wedding ceremony and reception but because of covid, we were forced to find a new location to host the event. Luckily, there was a brand new venue in town that was under renovations during the pandemic. They were operated by the same catering company we had hired for Maria and Scott's wedding day. So, we took a chance to ask if it would be complete by the wedding day. We were so surprised when they told us they would love to host the wedding. Crisis averted!

Then, the week of the wedding, we received a call that our photographer was in the hospital with Covid and he wouldn't be able to fulfill his contract. We scrambled to find a replacement that would have the same style and feel that the couple was looking for. It was a very important piece of their wedding that they wanted to have a specific photography style. We were so lucky to find an amazing photographer who stepped in at the last minute and gave us the images that should be published in every bridal magazine!

Maria wanted to incorporate their love for books into their decor. So, we used books as centerpieces and placed some of their favorite quotes around for guests to read and enjoy during the evening. They were married in the fall so the colors we used were inspired by the season. The cake was a delicious centerpiece of the event and featured fruit and gold leafing that the guests were amazed by.

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Happy Charlotte NC Bride and Groom
The Happy Couple!

Even though this couple was faced with so many challenges, they had a spectacular wedding that their guests are still talking about!

Rentals: Indigo Rentals

Entertainment: Crystal Fountains

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