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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

My name is Miriam and I have been a wedding and event planner since 2001! I know what you are, that is a long time! Yes it is! I worked in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas until 2017. Then my world was turned upside down when we moved across the country to Charlotte, NC.

When we moved here I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I even went back to school to get educated on a possible new career. During that time I took a personality test, the results told me that my ideal job would be a party planner...sigh.

Then, I started to brainstorm on new career options. Everything would always lead back to event planning. Finally, we went to visit some friends of ours who where having a dual birthday party. It was out of town so we arrived early. I offered to help with the set up when a flood of emotions overcame me. Adrenaline was pumping and I felt exhilarated! All of my creative juices began to flow and I knew this is my true passion.

I told my husband my thoughts and he laughed at me. All the education we had paid for so I could start a new career, all the time of studying, all of the effort...for what? Well, a wise friend told me that sometimes we need to step away from what we do to see if it truly is what we love.

I had experienced some burn out and it was caused from personal things that happened to me. It bled over into my professional life. I thought that burn out was the other way around, but clearly I know now that it was not. By taking a 2 year sabbatical I am now able to see the true passion in me.

What are my next steps?

I had to sit down and reflect on how I want my life to look. What are the things important to me? What information can I share with the world? What truly makes me happy? Well, entertaining, event planning, decor, design, all of these things are my passions! I also realized a very important thing about myself; I love a challenge! I need the challenge to get me going and my creativeness going. I love to feel that pressure of getting all the details together before the final stoke of the clock and know that all the details are complete before guests arrive.

So, my decision was made for me! I clearly need to get back into the event planning world. Yes, it will all be brand new because I am in a new area, but I have so many years of experience and so much knowledge to share! I can't wait to meet all of my new clients, new vendors, see new venues! The experience seemed overwhelming at first, but now it is exciting and I can't wait for this knew adventure!

So, without further ado, let me introduce my newest adventure! Welcome to Scout and Grace events!

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