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I can save money by using my honeymoon suite to get ready for the wedding! DON'T DO IT!

I cannot tell you how many times I hear brides say that they are using their bridal suite at the hotel to get ready in. I will never recommend this to any bride, ever!

Now, you are probably thinking, why not? This can save on my budget and I am paying for the hotel room anyway. I have seen this time and again. The bride and groom pay for a beautiful suite at a fancy hotel for their wedding night. The bridesmaids and bride use the room to do hair and makeup and get dressed in. Now, I want you ladies to stop and think about the last time you were with a group of your girlfriends and all got ready to go out for the night together. Imagine the room and bathroom; makeup, hair products, clothes, more clothes, personal hygiene items...ALL. OVER. THE. ROOM.

This is the exact sight you will see when you arrive back to your honeymoon suite after the wedding! Even if you tell your bridesmaids to clean up after themselves. Even if you have the hotel staff clean up the room. Even if you are a type a personality that will beat your bridesmaids into submission! Don't make this mistake! Spend the extra money to book a cheaper room to just get ready in. This takes some extra stress off of you on your wedding day!

You do not want to come back to a dirty room! Spend the extra money and book an extra hotel room! You will be thanking me later!

Happy Planning!

Find another place for you and your bridesmaids to get ready in! You will be happy you listened to me!

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