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I am engaged and don’t know where to start wedding planning! HELP!

is this how you are feeling? When you first get engaged it can be overwhelming to see all the giant checklists of to-do’s and not know where to start! First thing is first; relax, take a deep breath, and start counting! Yes the counting could be to calm your nerves, but it also means to count your guests! This is the very first detail for you to do. Forming your guest list is the first item you need to check off your list. This will give you your headcount and let you know what venues to look at! This will also help you with budgeting. You will see how much you can spend per person. This also helps you when it comes to narrowing down your choices for venues.

Do you want to be a happy bride that is not overwhelmed with wedding planning? Then you should consider hiring a wedding planner. We do so much work behind the scenes to help you be a happy bride! We walk you through, step by step, to make your planning easy. I wish I could use my magic wand to take all the stress away, but I am not a fairy god mother, I’m a wedding planner! But I can help with all the details and walk you through the process! I have been doing this since 2001 and know all the ends and outs to planning the perfect wedding.

Did you know I offer online consultations and virtual planning? Making it easy to help you wherever you live! So, let’s start planning!

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