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How to get ready for wedding day set up?

When planning a wedding it is easy to collect many different items for the big day. Among these items are favors, toasting flutes, escort cards, pictures, cake servers, guest books, and many other items. Having a wedding planner can help you with these things because you can hand this all off to them before the big day! This relieves stress on your wedding weekend.

One way to help your wedding planner with these details is to make sure that everything is labeled and also indicate where the items should be placed. You can even include a picture of any intricate displays you would like to be place out in a certain way.

Make sure that all items are out of their packaging and that any price tags are removed before hand. This can take additional time for your wedding planner and can cost additional hours of labor to be added on to the final bill. I can tell you countless stories of having to open up individually wrapped paper lanterns and assemble them, removing price tags from toasting flutes that were the guest's favors too, and opening and unpacking boxes of individual favors to be placed on each place setting. You wouldn't think this would take much time, but imagine multiplying by 200! It can be very time consuming and not only cause extra work for your wedding planner, but can also put a crunch on set up time before the wedding!

I ALWAYS ask my brides what they will be bringing and remind them to unpack and assemble all items, but sometimes they overlook these details. So do your best to make sure all of these items are taken care of before the wedding week!

So, make sure you tell your wedding planner all the small items you plan to have, where to put them, and most of all have them wedding ready!

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