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How can I save on my floral budget or reception centerpieces?

As a wedding expert, it is my job to help my clients utilize their budget in the best way possible. One question I often get is how can I save a little on my floral budget, but still have a gorgeous reception and centerpieces? This is actually one of my favorite questions because it is so easy to answer!

You can use different centerpiece options on different tables to make your floral budget go the furthest. I have had brides use giant floral centerpieces on the headtable only, then use candles on guest tables. This makes a huge statement as you enter the ball room and see a long royal table with massive centerpieces! Your eyes move directly to that view! Then, on the guest tables you can use candles at different heights that create a beautiful and stylish centerpiece.

Here is a gorgeous headtable that is sure to be a focal point of the room!

On this table we used an assortment of candles and small floral pieces. It made a huge statement, don't you think?

Another idea to save on floral arrangements is to alternate between tables. So, you can do 1/3 floral centerpiece, 1/3 candles, 1/3 a mix of both. The tables with just the floral arrangements will have large arrangements. The tables with candles will be alternating in size. And the tables with both will have smaller arrangements with alternating candle sizes.

And finally, I always request the florist to bring the vases for the bouquets to the ballroom. (if the reception is a different location than the ceremony we can transport these for you) This way we can use the bouquets as centerpieces too! If they aren't used for centerpieces, they can be added to the cake table, the guest book table, or just placed around the room for extra decor!

Here is an example of a bouquet turned into a centerpiece!

Planning weddings since 2001 has given me the knowledge and expertise to help you in planning every detail right! We will discuss what is important to you, and make sure those areas are where we budget! A full service wedding planner is where you need to start to make sure you get the most out of your wedding day!

Happy planning!

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