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Destination Wedding Planning!

Did you know that we can help you plan your destination wedding? We know that your life is busy. You are working full time, you are living a busy life, and you are trying to plan a wedding...that is in another state or country! We plan weddings full time, it is our job to do the research for you. We can spend the countless hours searching and vetting vendors and venues for you. So, let us do the work!

Are you dreaming about having a wedding under gorgeous palm trees? A ceremony in Mexico, a reception in Vegas? You name it, we have done it! Let our wedding planners help you plan your perfect destination wedding! So, if you are engaged and looking for a place to start your destination wedding planning, start here! We can help you plan your event, regardless of where you live! We can virtually meet online, while we do all of our planning. We will then join you on your Scouting trip to finalize your venue and vendors, and of course be there the week of the wedding! Contact us today to become your Destination Wedding Planners!

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