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Venue Consulting!

Do you ever find yourself getting asked the same questions over and over? Then, you get an idea that you push to the side for years. Only to decide that it is time to act on it?

For years I have been a wedding planner and get invited out to venues to form a relationship with them. It starts off with a few questions, then I always leave with a sense of how badly these venues need an expert to walk them through details. I always provide information when I can, but being a wedding planner I feel I can't take the time to really give the advice these facilities need.

Then, last week I toured a venue that started the same way, asking my opinions and questions on what would help sell to brides. And I decided it was time to do something. I have all of this knowledge and 20 years of experience in this industry, it's time to share my knowledge! So, I went home and put together my first venue consulting proposal and emailed it to the venue on a whim.

Rachel Hollis says you should listen to the questions coming into your company and look for ways to answer those questions. Well, here we go! I am ready to answer all of these questions for venues! 1 venue down, a million more to go!

Do you or someone you know need help with their venue? Maybe you are thinking about opening a venue and have questions? Contact us today, we would love to help!

Happy Planning!!

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